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Emily's Gifts


Emily’s Gift Shop is an event for children, young people and families in County Durham, who are experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties, to make their own wellbeing box. Families can fill a box with lots of things to help them relax, unwind, stay calm and de-stress as well as some supportive little treats. 

At the event you can:

  • Pick gifts to create a wellbeing box filled with things to help

  • Take part in craft activities 

  • Get advice and information about services who can support


There is no cost, this is a gift from Emily. Boxes are available for children, young people and parents/carers. Professional/support organisations who are working with families unable to attend can create a wellbeing box on their behalf.  

These events have been made possible by fundraising in memory of Emily Moore. The first Emily’s Gifts event was set up in July 2020, with fantastic feedback from families who attended.

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